Raport April-June 2015

Dear Friends,

We would like to express our gratitude for your support for “Gate of Hope – Petach Tikva” Foundation. The first school year of our activities (2014/2015) passed and we would like to praise God that He was with us, opened the door to many schools on the area of the Silesian province and we believe that touched lives of many children. We hope that the pupils who listened to the lessons of the Foundation will not only respect other people, bless the nation of Israel, but first of all will be aware of the fact that God loves them very much. They were born to fulfill their unique purpose and God endowed them with unique features and talents so that they could realize the purpose. We pray that each of them would have a strong sense of their value and identity in God and not in what other people say or think about them.In the last quarter of the school year 2014/2015 we managed to reach 2000 children. We visited primary schools in: Zaborze, Pruchna, Zarzecze, Wapienica, Iskrzyczyn, Zamarski, Kiczyce, Cieszyn, Świętoszówka, Haźlach, Czechowice, Kończyce Małe, Dankowice. We ran our lessons in junior high schools in: Czechowice, Pierściec, Istebna, Pielgrzymowice, Kończyce Wielkie, Chybie. We were also in the complex of schools of the District Center of Pediatrics in Istebna-Kubalonka where children from the whole Silesian province and Poland come. In the school year 2014/2015 we visited 63 schools in total. Our classes attended about 4800 children and young people. We thank God and you wholeheartedly! Without your support “Gate of Hope – Petach Tikva” Foundation could not exist!

Meetings in Istebna and in Kończyce Małe.


Comments of teachers: “Thank you for a beautiful lesson of love and tolerance for another human being. The gifts are extremely necessary nowadays” – Grażyna. “Very interesting classes run with great tact, commitment, in a manner accessible for the pupils. The pupils listened attentively which means that they found the topic interesting. Thank you very much” – Daria. “Thank you very much for the lecture. I think that reminding of the values we should follow in our lives and first of all speaking openly of God and His role in the life of each of us are extremely important.” – Joanna. At the moment I am preparing a few stories I would like to tell the children. I am also preparing a next lesson and I am going to have a few meetings with children during vacations. We will be grateful if you recommend our Foundation to other people who would be willing to support our project. Even the amount of PLN 30 multiplied by many donors will help us realize the objective of our Foundation. We wish you merry vacations and that Lord Jesus would be with you wherever you are going.

On behalf of the Foundation Barbara Bałon

tel. 608 253 867


Address and account number of the Foundation:

“Gate of Hope – Petach Tikva” Foundation

ul. A. Brody 79

43-450 Ustroń

ING Bank Śląski o/Ustroń

24 1050 1083 1000 0090 3032 3290

“I will bless those who bless you (Israel)”

Genesis 12,3