Report September – December 2017

Dear Friends!
Because of Christmas and the New Year 2018 we would like to extend to you best wishes and thanks for your help, kindness, remembrance and prayers. We are extremely grateful to the Lord for you. Without your support we certainly would not have managed to do so much. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Christmas is the time when we want to share with others what is best. Therefore it is my great joy to inform you that from September to December 2017 “Gate of Hope – Petach Tikva” Foundation reached schools where 1230 pupils could listen to the amazing stories of Hana, Roma, Krysia and Jasia (little Jewish girls of the hundreds who lived in the times of the Holocaust).
The meetings with children were took place in: Cieszyn, Wisła Malinka, Wisła Czarne, Warszowice, Ustroń, Ustroń Lipowiec, Koniaków, Chybie, Ogrodzona, Simoradz, Zaborze, Zabłocie, Iskrzyczyn, Zamarski, Świętoszówka, Marklowice Górne.

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Here are a few opinions of the teachers:
“Once again we could host a representative of the “Gate of Hope – Petach Tikva” Foundation who offered to the children and youth an insight into the topics of tolerance, the holocaust and Jews. I think that the lessons are extremely necessary because we want our society to be tolerant and historically conscious. The children listened with interest and attentively” – Joanna.
“Very interesting lessons. The children were attentive and excited ” – Anita.
“On behalf of the pupils and teachers of the Primary School No. 1 in Koniaków, I would like to extend our warm gratitude for teaching us what is the most important in life: love, respect and tolerance for the other human being” – Patrycja.
Once again I would like to thank you, dear Friends, for the last year we could share and wish you all the best. May the Lord bless you and your families, may He reward you abundantly. May your dreams come true and peace and joy be present  on each day of the new 2018 year!

On behalf of “Gate of Hope – Petach Tikva” Foundation and me,
with thanks,
Barbara Bałon
tel. 608 253 867
“Gate of Hope – Petach Tikva”
ul. A. Brody 79
43-450 Ustroń
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“I will bless those who bless you (Israel)”
Genesis 12,3