Report January – June 2017

Dear Friends!
Thank you wholeheartedly for your spiritual support, prayers, the care you show us and each good words you address to the “Gate of Hope – Petach Tikva” Foundation.
We also would like to thank God that He acts in such a wonderful way, opens doors of many schools for us, strengthens us every day and reawakens the desire to perform the work for which He has called us.
We believe that everyone may accomplish a God’s dream he holds in his heart. Our dream is that the pupils who will hear the Foundation’s lessons would become friends of the Jewish nation, that they would be sensitive to the needs and harm done to other people, but first of all that they would realize the three truths:
1. God loves them very much. Not for a reason or because of something but for themselves.
2. He created them wonderfully. No one else has got their skills, interests or ideas. It is up to them how they use them.
3. He has a marvellous plan for their lives. He believes in their capabilities more that they believe in them.
Please pray: “God, may each of them have a strong sense of self-esteem and find identity in You and not in what others speak or think about them. May them go to the world keeping your truths in their hearts. Amen.”
This is our great joy to inform you that from January to
June 2017 we managed to reach 28 schools of the Silesian province, where 2545 pupils could hear lessons of the “Gate of Hope – Petach Tikva” Foundation!
Meetings with children were held at primary schools in the following towns: Zamarski, Marklowice Górne, Bielsko-Biała Primary School No. 10 and Akademia Żaków, Pruchna, Brenna Leśnica, Zarzecze near Chybia, Kończyce Małe, Pierściec, Kiczyce, Istebna, Brenna, Dębowiec, Ruptawa, Cieszyn Primary School No. 1, Bażanowice, Zebrzydowice, Ustroń Polana and the following junior high schools: Chybie, Brenna, Kończyce Wielkie, Cieszyn No. 1 and No. 2, Pierściec, Ustroń No. 2, Istebna, Zebrzydowice. We also answered to the invitation extended by the secondary school in Żory.
Here are a few comments made by teachers:
“Thank you very much for a wonderful, touching and inspiring lecture.”- pupils and teachers of the primary school in Dębowiec.
“It was a very interesting and valuable message. Thank you for the lecture on the most important issues” – teacher from the junior high school No. 1 in Cieszyn.
“Thank you very much on behalf of the pupils from the primary school in Pierściec for an interesting lesson and a touching story about Jewish children and the nation of Israel”. – Stefania.
Dear Friends! If you think that what we do is right and necessary, if you can support this work, then please show financial support to the “Gate of Hope – Petach Tikva” Foundation, out of the need of your heart or in so far as resources will allow.
We believe that when we give we open our hearts to receive, because the good we multiply returns to us.
We wish you wonderful vacations, full of sun, mercy and blessings!

With gratitude,
Barbara Bałon
tel. 608 253 867
Fundacja „Brama Nadziei-Petach Tikva”
ul. A. Brody 79
43-450 Ustroń
ING Bank Śląski O/Ustroń
24 1050 1083 1000 0090 3032 3290

“I will bless those who bless you (Israel)”
Genesis 12,3