Raport January – June 2016

Dear Friends,
I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your prayers and financial support. In order to make your vacations or your free time more enjoyable I would like to share with you what we have managed to achieve so far with God’s help.
It is my great joy to inform you that 2570 pupils had the opportunity to listen to the lessons of the “Gate of Hope – Petach Tikva” Foundation from January to June 2016!
The meetings with children took place in primary schools in: Brenna, Cieszyn, Skoczów, Kończyce Wielkie, Marklowice Górne, Zarzecze near Chybie, Pogórze, Pruchna, Haźlach, Kiczyce, Wieszczęty, Chybie, Pierściec, Kończyce Małe, Istebna, Bażanowice, in Akademia Żaków in Wapienica as well as in junior
high schools in: Rudzica, Skoczów, Pogwizdów, Pogórze, Pruchna, Istebna, Kończyce Wielkie, Strumień, Brenna and junior high schools No. 1 and 2 in Cieszyn.
I encourage you to see the photos in the gallery on www.bramanadziei.org.pl
Opinions and recommendations of the teachers:
“Barbara provided the youth of the John Paul II Junior High School with a wonderful lecture based on historical facts concerning the holocaust. The lecture was poignant and touched the young people. The lecturer told them about the
extremely difficult and complicated life of Roma Ligocka in an interesting manner and with commitment. I recommend Barbara’s lectures which concern well-understood tolerance and Christian values.” – Ewa
“We are grateful for the wonderful time and great lecture on the holocaust which broke the stereotypes and opposed the antisemitic attitude in the young generation of Poles.” – Dorota
“The classes were valuable for our youth. They involved the topics of tolerance, building self-esteem, sensitivity to the needs of other people. They gave a broad outline of the history of the Jewish nation during the Second World War. Thank you very much for the message which was proper and useful for our students. We recommend them to other schools.” – school educator
“I am grateful to Barbara for the next lesson on responsibility, tolerance and goodness. We invite you to come next year. Your lessons perfectly match the educational program we provide in our school.” – Maria
Please pray that after each lecture the children would feel exceptional and appreciated, that they would draw their self-esteem not from what others speak or think about them but from the fact that God accepts and loves them.
I hope that with our common efforts the future of us and our children will be more happy, with the sense of direction and sense in life, with greater sensitivity to the needs of others and that this generation will bring us joy and will make us proud of them.
Wishing you God’s blessing, joy and peace in your hearts,
Barbara Bałon
Fundacja „Brama Nadziei-Petach Tikva”
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“I will bless those who bless you (Israel)”
Genesis 12,3