Report September 2018 to June 2019

Dear Friends,

This year it is the fifth birthday of the “Gate of Hope – Petach Tikva” Foundation. Because of the fact we would like to praise our Lord God! We believe that one of the aims of our life is praising God because “by Him and for Him all things were created.”

Five years of running the Foundation and about 22 000 attendants of the classes. Is it a big or a small number? – Assess it for yourselves.

For five years the “Gate of Hope – Petach Tikva” Foundation has been visiting schools providing free educational classes connected with the theme of the Holocaust. Our aim is not only to bring back the memory of the tragedy which affected millions of Jewish children during the Second World War, but also to show what may be a result of intolerance, prejudice and hatred to another human being, contempt for human life, passivity to evil …

We believe that implementing proper patterns to follow and providing students with appropriate education will bring the greatest hope for a positive change in the minds of students and as time passes also in mature society.

At the same time we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and deepest respect for your help and trust. The “Gate of Hope – Petach Tikva” Foundation runs its activity on the generosity of our friends, this is why we are so grateful for every financial gift. May our Lord God bless you and reward you abundantly.

It is our great joy to inform you that in the school year 2018/2019 our lessons attended 4170 students, not including teachers, catechists and school counselors.

And here are a few opinions:

“The lecture was deeply moving, I hope that it has had an equally positive impact on the students as it has had on me.” – Grażyna

“Wonderful experience. Each time I hear it I am moved.” – Basia

“Thank you very much for the way you run the lecture. As I was listening I could only say that I was impressed and wish you feel invited to meet with the young people ALWAYS.” – Beata

Dear Friends, if you wish to help us and get involved yourselves, first of all we ask for your prayers. We believe that God has everything in His hands and everything belongs to Him, this is why we give the work of the “Gate of Hope – Petach Tikva” to Him.

The wonderful sun and extremely high temperatures this summer encourage us all to have longer rest and make plans for the future. In summer everything seems to be easier, possible to execute. Therefore we wish you, dear Friends, only good ideas and their successful execution, and personal satisfaction coming from well-done work for the benefit of God’ Kingdom. May health and joy be your faithful companions every day.

With gratitude,

Barbara Bałon

tel. 608 253 867

Fundacja „Brama Nadziei-Petach Tikva”

ul. A. Brody 79

43-450 Ustroń

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I will bless those who bless you (Israel)__(…)”. Genesis 12,3