Raport July- December 2016

Dear Friends,

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers and encouraging words which inspire us to continue the work.

We also thank you for every monetary gift, an expression of your support and your big heart for Israel. We know that everything is in God’s hands and He owns everything therefore it is our great joy to inform you that with God’s help 2050 pupils listened to the lessons provided by “Gate of Hope – Petach Tikva” from July to December 2016.

The meetings with children took place in primary schools in the following towns and villages: Warszowice, Jawornik, Cieszyn, Wisła Czarne, Wisła Malinka, Ogrodzona, Wisła, Simoradz, Iskrzyczyn, Chybie Mnich, Świętoszówka, Bielany, Koniaków, Wisła Głębce, Lipowiec, Jasienica, Zaborze, Zabłocie, Kończyce Wielkie, Chybie, Skoczów, Ustroń, Cisownica.We were also in the junior high schools in Jasienica, Bielany and Skoczów.

In July we were invited to the camp in Wisła-Jawornik where the lessons were provided to children not only from Poland but also from Belarus and the United States. We invite you warmly to our web site: www.bramanadziei.org.pl And here are a few opinions and recommendations of the teachers:

“The presentation on Holocaust was interesting. The pupils listened with interest and intentness. There was a reference to the present times and to problems of children living today. We need such sensitization classes”. – Joanna

“The meeting allowed the young people to get familiarized with the story of their peer who lived in the times of the Holocaust, it made them sensitive to the problem of otherness, allowed to think over their attitudes and their system of values. It was a remarkably valuable experience”. – Dorota

“Interesting, enlightening lecture inspiring to deep reflections”. – Lidia.

I believe that as a result of our joint efforts we will manage to reach many children whose hearts will be open to God and they will become friends of the Jewish nation. New year brings new prospects, opportunities and new plans, but not only that. It is also a time of musing on what has passed and what is coming. Therefore we wish each other a lot of optimism and faith in the sunny tomorrow.

May your hearts be full of peace, joy and happiness. May Jesus Christ be your best Friend, Counselor and Comforter. May the Lord bless you on every day of the new 2017 year.

With gratitude,

Barbara Bałon

“I will bless those who bless you”

Genesis 12,3