Dear Friends,

I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and financial support.

I would like to share with you what we have achieved so far with God’s help.

It is my joy to inform you that over 1600 pupils listened to the lesson of the „Gate of Hope –

Petach Tikva” Foundation!

The meetings with children took place in Primary Schools No. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and Junior High

School No. 2 in Ustroń, Bażanowice, Goleszów, Nierodzim, Lipowiec, Ogrodzona, Wisła-Czarne,

Skoczów (Primary School No. 8), Istebna, Koniaków, Jawornik, Wisła-Malinka, Cieszyn (Primary

School No. 4), Kończyce Wlk., Chybie, Zabłocie (school which I attended myself).

I encourage you to see the photographs in the gallery on the site

Let me give you an outline of what the children learn among others during our lessons. The lessons

are based on a story of Hana Brada, a girl who experienced the nightmare of the Holocaust. Her

story was written in a book entitled “Hana’s suitcase” by Caren Levine. Drawing on Hana’s life

we would like to make Polish children sensitive to harm done to humans, teach them respect

for themselves and for other people. Additionally, while analyzing short life stories, we try to

prevent mocking and all kinds of discrimination. At the beginning of each lesson the children get

to know the verse from Genesis 12,3: “I will bless those who bless you (Israel) […]” We encourage

them to bless the Jewish nation, speaking well about them, preventing in this way antisemitism.

The children who participated in our meetings become aware of the three truths written in the


1. God loves them very much.

2. He created them in a wonderful way.

3. He has got a good great plan for their lives.

We tell the children that each of them was created in a unique way and received the gifts and

talents necessary to accomplish a special purpose in their life (task/dream).

Here are a few comments of the children: “Does really every person have a talent?” „They laugh at

me cause I do not have dad.” „They tease me for I am red-haired.”

At the end of each lesson the children receive a poem by Ms Iwona Czarniak (enclosed).
Comments of the teachers:

“Thank you for running the lecture which aims at shaping civic attitudes and promoting respect,

tolerance, honesty and responsibility. The meetings are prepared in an interesting way and make

pupils sensitive to the harm done to human beings and have a positive influence on their individual

and social development”- Ms Kasia.

“The lessons were very interesting. The children showed their interest in them. Lessons with great

educational message”- Ms Joasia.

“The lessons on Holocaust were run in forms 4, 5 and 6. The pupils could learn the problems of

intolerance, discrimination, disrespect for other people as well as the history of Israel. They listened

to the life story of the Jewish family with interest. Thank you for outlining the problems” – Ms

Karina, Ms Małgosia.

In the second semester, if God wills, I would like to reach all schools of the Cieszyn district

(children aged 9-12) and gradually expand our impact on the whole area of Silesia.

I will be grateful if you recommend our Foundation to other people who would be willing to

support our project.

Even the amount of PLN 30 multiplied by many donors will help us realize the objective of our


Once again I wish to express my gratitude for what we have managed to achieve because of your

support. May God bless you and reward you abundantly.

I wish you a lot of joy, peace and God’s blessing for each day of the new year 2015.

With thanks,

Basia Bałon